Day 12 – Focused on Benefits of Exercise

people exercising in the jym

You are exercising, eating healthier food and living a more productive life. It’s quite an achievement by itself, and today we will give a real boost to your motivation and name the exact benefits this lifestyle will bring you.

It’s important to know what reward you can get from your exercises, particularly if you think that a healthy way of life is not easy. Also, if you know what exactly are the positive changes that workouts can bring to your life, it will help you to stay confident and hungry for more success.

Exercising will burn your fats.

It’s simple as you learned yesterday and the day before. The more you exercise the more weight you lose. The more fat you lose the less difficult exercising will be. If you want to be a serious player in the weight loss game, pay attention to that.

Exercise improves health.

The best way to avoid diseases is physical activity. High blood pressure and cardiovascular problems are one of the most frequent diseases of modern time. Exercising helps you to prevent stroke, type 2 diabetes, some types of cancer, and many more.

You’ll be happier.

 It has been shown that physical activity affects your mood. If you are walking 30 minutes per day it will affect your overall mood and make you happier. For example, your problems with depression (if you have any) will be reduced significantly if you exercise 20 minutes per day and this is scientifically proven. This is because workouts release a hormone known as endorphin, which is known as a natural mood elevator.

Boosting your energy level.

All of these exercises you do improve your energy level immensely. Regular workouts deliver oxygen and make your cardiovascular system more effective.

Better sleep.

If you have sleeping problems don’t think twice about how you can solve them – exercises will do it very quickly! More activity will also help you to sleep deeper, thanks to the boost of another hormone – melatonin (sleep hormone that can increase up to 50% when you exercise). With that kind of sleep you’ll be more productive, more rested and ready for work and other daily activities.

Reduce stress.

As we all know the amount of stress we feel every day is very high. Stressful life can increase diseases (particularly heart diseases) and we must combat them if we want to live healthier. As studies show, exercises are very powerful method for preventing stress. It’s simple: more workouts = less stress, less stress = better quality of life.

Physical activity improves learning.

When you do exercises on a regular basis, you’ll find that your learning capacity and concentration have improved rapidly. Studies show that more complicated physical activities (tennis for example) have a tremendous positive effect on increasing learning capacity.


If you are capable to do exercises on a daily basis you’ll be more confident. As you feel that your general physical strength is improving, it’ll be a huge confidence boost – not to mention what it will do to your look ;). Also, when you lose weight more and more in the weeks to come, you’ll feel that you’re able to do things that you haven’t even considered before – talk about the quality of life, hum!

You can re-read this list of positive changes that exercises can bring to you when you are not in the mood for doing them – bookmark this page, or print it out.

Motivation and Fun

checklist ticked off almost completely

If exercises in the gym are not fun to you, try something different and you’ll eventually find an activity that suits you. Without fun it’ll never be easy. Also, you should read blogs on weight lost in order to stay motivated. If it’s not enough, you can find a partner for workouts. When you do any physical activity with someone else, even the things that you didn’t like can (and often do) become interesting. Instead of partner you can hire a coach if that suits your needs better.

But, the best motivation is to reach your goal or goals. If you want to lose weight the best motivation is actually losing it. Only, losing 50 pounds in one week, as great as it may sound, isn’t something that you should strive for – even if you could do it, it wouldn’t be good for your body.

Small steps, remember? Every day is a step forward to a better and healthier life. Accept that not every day will be perfect. There will be the days when you’re not in the mood to exercise, but that should not bother you. Go through this list and you’ll find strength to keep on.

Always think positively, always think of the positives of exercise – the calories you are burning off, the increase and improvement of health, the metabolism boost and other benefits. Heck, aren’t you feeling better already? Focus on that feeling!

You’ll not regret it when you find yourself healthy, fit and capable to fulfill yourself in just a few weeks. And if you aren’t quite there yet – tomorrow we will be talking a lot about how you can learn to love exercise.