Day 16 – Rock Solid Willpower

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You entered the third week of the course yesterday learning some new things about motivation. Today and in the next days we will be building on it and discussing things in more detail.

And why is the willpower so important? Actually, why is it important to understand the processes that control your willpower – and why we insist on that?

The willpower is what makes the difference between those who fail and those who succeed. Yes, the main difference is willpower in most cases. Just knowing that healthier food and exercises lead you to weight loss will not be enough for most of us to endure and to reach the ultimate goal – which, to remind you, isn’t to lose weight but to change your life altogether. And you need the strength of will to keep doing things that help you to achieve it.

The will to win is not nearly as important as the will to prepare to win. ~ Bobby Knight

Exactly! The willpower helps you to prepare your mind for the marathon that has weight loss as one of the goals. Healthy eating and exercising are only the segments of the bigger picture – but it’s the segments that make the bigger picture possible, it’s not like you can go to bed tonight and wake up thinner, healthier and fit the next morning (as much as we’d prefer that option).

If you have enough will to carry out those small things that you need to carry out day after day, you’ll eventually achieve your main goal. And if you’re not quite there yet – that’s why we’re here!

Get ready to work with us and to do what it takes to gain the rock solid willpower!

Building Willpower

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There’s really no need to reinvent the wheel – the techniques below are proven as powerful ways to build strong willpower; as we’re all different, some of them will suit you personally better than the others, but we recommend that you try each, and then decide which one to stick with:

Visualize yourself as a person you want to be.

We have already talked about visualization in this course (in the Day 5) – the context was different, but it’s time to implement that knowledge to another field – to practice willpower. For example, imagine yourself getting in the clothes you wore 10 or more years ago, or as a person who is happy with how he looks and feels, who is confident and healthy. After 5 to 10 minutes of visualizing think about what it takes to achieve it.

Write down your goal and the obstacles that you feel are keeping you from reaching it.

If your goal is to look better, to be thinner, to feel stronger, to wear the clothes that you can’t wear now – write it down.

And then write down what you think prevents you from getting there. What’s stopping you from being who you want to be?

Burgers, sedentary way of life, or something else? Be as clear, detailed and specific about the obstacles as you can.

This way you’re doing two things at the same time: first, you’ll have a clear idea of what you gain with your new lifestyle, and second, you’ll have all the small things that work against it listed in front of you.

When dissected like this, when “put out in the open”, these small things lose their power over you, as you’ll be able to clearly see what they are, and to recognize them as the imaginary obstacles.

Easy way to make a decision easier.

Do you have a hard time making even a simple decision? (For example: should I exercise now or in the evening? Should I eat that yummy cake or not?) Don’t worry, you can speed up your decision making process and always choose the right decisions in a moment – you just need to learn to ask the right questions when you are in doubt.

For example, instead of asking yourself: “Should I eat that yummy cake or not?” ask: “Do I want to achieve my weight loss goal or not?” This way you’re shifting the accent from the immediate doubt that is in front of you to the result you’re after.

It’s shown that brain positively reacts if you go after what you really want, so this technique actually only requires you to have your goal constantly in mind, and to keep reminding yourself about it.

Delay pleasure.

In the late 60’s there was a research that included experimenting with the kids willpower and self control. Kids were given one marshmallow cake and told  they have two choices – to eat cake immediately or to wait 15 minutes if they want to get one mocha cake.

Most kids didn’t wait. You are facing the similar temptation – if you wait long enough the reward will be greater. When you know this mechanism then you can act accordingly to your wishes.

These simple tips can help you get far if you are really serious about losing weight and living healthier. The difference between those who fail and those who succeed is the difference between having and not having the willpower when it counts, it’s the test of strength when you are tempted.

We all get tempted, but when you stay strong against the temptation you’ll feel amazing, you will grow even more in strength and willpower and really acquire the mindset that you can make it and achieve anything. Willpower will come into it, you will find it hard at times, but remember – when it feels tough it is a test, and if you can overcome it then you will succeed and achieve a real, lasting weight loss.

Willpower Affirmations

Finally, here are some affirmations you can repeat to yourself:

  • I’m dedicated to succeed in my weight loss play.
  • I will prevail all temptation along my healthier life journey.
  • I’m more disciplined than ever before.
  • I make the decisions easy.
  • I have total control over my acts and impulses.

Think about your healthy life and your productive lifestyle every day. It will help your willpower engine to work to the fullest.

Now… not to spoil the surprise, but have faith in us. Tomorrow will be a surprising day. 😉