Day 19 – Focus on Long Term Success

a scale showing 154 pounds

We talked yesterday about why not seeing loss isn’t something to worry about, and the differences between short term weight loss goals and long term success.

Continuing on that, our topic today is long term success, and we’ll be discussing how to create the right mindset for it.

The Importance of Being More Patient

Patience is the cornerstone of achieving long term success in any endeavor, and weight loss is the perfect illustration: you know that you can’t get results over night, but you still have a problem to accept that fact.

Why are you in a hurry? Will you have better results if you are impatient? Of course not. So why then are you trying to get anywhere faster than you need?

To get to the bottom of this, we should deal a bit with the mechanism that makes you impatient. For example, if you set a goal to lose one pound a week you may be measuring yourself a couple times a day. But, measuring yourself will not make losing that pound any faster.
So, you need to take a breath and logically think about what needs to be done to get the desired outcome. More exercises, healthier food, more positive thoughts? Always remember that you are running the marathon here, and you need to see things as parts of a bigger picture. When you reach the point where the bigger picture is the most important thing in your everyday life – you will never be in a hurry. Take a breath, try to discipline yourself to see things differently because you are different.

How to Stay Focused Long Enough

woman holding a poster of a woman dancing

As we want to win a long term game here, we need to focus on what we are doing to achieve that.
One of the main reasons why people don’t focus enough is because they are not adequately organized. If you want to change your life you must be organized, or everything can turn into a total mess.

For example, if you choose to follow our 30 days course you should do specific things every day – control your eating, exercise often (if not every day then every other day), visualize yourself as a successful person etc. But, if you don’t know how to organize these tasks, you won’t be able to focus enough.

Here are a few simple tips on how to be more focused in order to achieve more:

Concentrate on the task at hand.

Don’t multitask! One thing at a time will produce much better results. For example, if you want to eat right now, then make a pause in reading this article; on the other hand, if you want to read your daily article on weight loss – than don’t eat, wait until you finish reading. It’s simple: you read this site every day because you have a bigger picture in mind – it will help you to lose weight. Also, you eat healthier because you know that in the long term it will make you thinner and healthier. So, both of these activities are important, but try to do them separately. By installing this simple habit you can acquire a more important one, the habit of focusing on what you’re doing at the moment. The result will be greater and you’ll not be confused.

Write your path to your weight loss course.

We talked about how important it is to write the diary of your new lifestyle to stay motivated. But this can give you other benefits too: when you write about your progress, it helps you to focus not only on the good things of the process, but also the pitfalls. When you write down the fails you had today, you’ll be able to analyze them and you’ll know what to concentrate on more tomorrow.

You already know that this course is a real life changer for you. You also know how to get to that change and how to maintain it through habits. After conquering the old You on a daily basis, you’ll become different – in fact, you already are different than who you were a few weeks ago. This is exactly what we are working on now – helping you to become a new person, a person that is healthy and satisfied. And that’s something that is impossible to do overnight.

Be sure to always look at the long term benefits of healthy eating and exercise life changes. A real life change takes time, but it’s already who you are in the process of becoming: thinking about your actions and keeping your goal in mind already made you a different person.

It isn’t about checking the scales every day for short term loss or gain, it is about establishing a long lasting change and habits, and losing weight at the same time in such a way that will keep it off over the long term.

If you establish habits that last, then weight loss comes naturally. Be patient and focus – success will come – and tomorrow we will teach you how to love yourself.