Day 22 – It Gets Easier and Easier Now

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You’ve just entered the final, fourth week of our 30 day weight loss course. While the previous three weeks may have been difficult to go through, now the things will become easier.
That’s the results of the habits you gained during the past 21 days. The more disciplined you were then, the easier it is now. Take a moment and notice how now everything seems much more normal, much easier than when you first joined us.

Let’s break it down:

Eating Healthy Is Now Easy and Enjoyable.

If you read this three weeks ago you probably would have thought: “Yeah, right…“ What do you think now? By now you have expanded your food portfolio and you aren’t wondering how you’ll get through the day and what you will eat; you are still learning about the food and nutrition, but now you know what to do and how to do it, there isn’t the fear that you’ll starve to death with all this healthy eating stuff. 😉

Exercising Is Easy.

And can you confirm it, right? You are stronger now, you sleep well and you are not tired in the morning as you were before. Your body is fitter and you can do your daily tasks with ease. The benefits of exercising are just starting to show, but you have reached the point where exercising isn’t a drag, where you look forward to it – perhaps you have already decided to try a new sport?

You Are Living Mindfully.

Remember the old you? An insecure person who used to live a sedentary life is gone. You are now paying attention to what you eat, what you do, how you spend your time. Your life isn’t passing you by anymore, you’re now living in the moment and experiencing the present. A mindless person who was letting the days go by is gone – hopefully forever.

You Acquired a New Lifestyle.

You don’t need fast food to feel better anymore. Quite the contrary, you love the way you’re living now because you feel more confident than ever before. You fought hard against your old habits and now it’s time to enjoy the gained ones.

You Already Lost Some Weight.

Losing weight can vary from person to person as we discussed, but if you followed our course strictly you should have lost some pounds along the way. If you haven’t, don’t worry, repeat the routines we explained in the previous days and weeks and you’ll be fine. Losing pounds is the only natural outcome of your new lifestyle, and it will happen, sooner or later. Just notice for a moment that it’s not your primary focus anymore – the small steps you’re taking every day have made the pounds disappear without you even noticing it.

You Understand the Benefits of Leading a Healthy Lifestyle.

You have learned a lot and received a lot of information which helped you to clearly see the benefits of living healthily. All of this information is useless without accommodating the things in your life to them, but you did the work and now these benefits are not some distant dreams but something you experience through your actions.

Do you see how far you have come in only three short weeks?

Raising the Bar

woman exercising holding a thumbs up

It’s no time for “rest“ because you are not tired of your new life, right? What you have to do is, as we mentioned yesterday – maintain the new habits, stick with them. Luckily, it’s much easier to maintain what you already have than to acquire it from the point zero – so you’re now in a much better position than you were only a few weeks back.

So, from now on you’ll be building on what you have and adding some new stuff: new foods, new activities, new knowledge and insights. It’s a different game now – you moved from novice to intermediate level, and going toward becoming a master.

You should do a simple test: re-read your diary of healthy life if you wrote it. Then compare the effort you were putting in during the week one and today. Do you see the difference?

Don’t have a diary? Open your fridge now and compare the food that was in it before and now. You don’t need anything else to confirm that you’re following the right path.

Don’t be surprised if you feel strange when you skip your daily exercise. From now on you’ll miss the workout when you can’t attend it. It’s because your new habits are like breathing to you – you are so used to them that you can’t do without, or at least you’ll miss them a lot if you skip them. Of course, if you feel that you’re not at this stage now don’t worry, this day will eventually come, and it will be rather sooner than later if you stick to the plan.

Positive Feedback

If you feel positive about what you have achieved, share it with friends. You’ll get the positive feedback and it will help you become even more determined to stick with your new habits. Also, you can tell your like minded friends to try the course for themselves. If they can see all of the positive changes you installed they could join you, and just imagine what it would feel like to have your friends sharing the same interests and same goals with you!

Don’t be alone when you can share the journey with others. There can be additional benefits as well: for one, you’ll be the person who helps others rather than the person who needs help as you were three weeks ago.

Tomorrow we will help you see the difference between your old self and the new, better and healthier version. We will show you in details why you’ll never go back to your old habits.
If you are satisfied with what you have achieved by now, you’ll be satisfied even more after tomorrow!