Day 24 – Realize What You Have Achieved

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Usually you don’t need to look at the past, particularly if you are doing well at the moment (of which you should be aware in every moment of your life). But there’s an exception: if you clearly see the difference between your old and new self, watching behind can actually be a great psychological boost.

It’s YOUR Progress and No One Else’s!

After three weeks of sticking to the course, take a deep breath and ask yourself where you are now, where you were 22 days ago and where you want to be in a year or so.

One of the most common mistakes is to compare yourself with the others. For example, you take a look at a person who loses 10 pounds in two weeks and then look at your  improvement which cannot match the results of the others. Stop for a moment – should you quit with the weight loss course if someone has better results than you? Of course not.

People are different, their metabolisms are different and you actually cannot make a fair and exact comparison between two people. What concerns you is how much you have changed compared to you in another time – and we’re talking about a very short period of time here, three weeks could have passed in going to work and watching TV all day, and you wouldn’t even notice it. Three weeks, it’s nothing – and yet you’ve come so far in that no-time!

How Far Exactly?

OK, we can talk all day about how much you have changed, but for you to truly realize it we will now go through some facts to show you your progress.

Compare notes in your diary. During the past three weeks we were encouraging you to write down your daily achievements, concerns, successes… Now it’s time to use these. Start from day one and compare it to day 22. Is there any difference in your mood, tone, the way you do things?

Even if you’re not a skilled writer, the difference should be immense.

Compare the Weeks

This course is divided by weeks and in each new week you got new goals and new habits to implement. In week one you were exploring new foods and building habits for healthy eating. In week two you started to exercise more; week three was dedicated to strengthening your motivation.

To see your improvement during this course you can compare weeks.

  • How were you feeling in week one compared to week two?
  • Did you feel much more comfortable to get through the week three than the week two?

    You should see the difference. If you weren’t writing a diary, you can try to remember your old habits and compare them to the habits you have today.

    You Are Amazing!
    A list of what you have achieved in the past period:

    • You lost some weight.
    • You implemented some important habits (healthy eating, exercising, visualizing…)
    • You became more mindful and concentrated on the things you’re doing.
    • You became more disciplined.
    • You gained more energy for your everyday job.
    • … (add your own)

    So, you’re amazing, congratulate yourself! The list may look pretty short but it’s full with quality stuff – just think about each of them; and when you think about the small daily steps that brought you where you are now, remember how impossible it seemed when you started. And now you’re doing them almost effortlessly every day. You. Are. Amazing. And you better believe it!

    Always Remember Your Success

    a checklist with all items ticked off

    Your new habits are important steps to living a healthier and fulfilled life. You should always remind yourself of your success; people tend to forget their successes, they tend to dismiss them as something of not much importance as the time passes, but it’s important for you to be aware of what you have achieved – and there is a simple method to be constantly reminded about it.
    Write down what you have achieved and what you have overcome, make a list and put in on your fridge or mirror.

    You can divide sentences by areas and write several about your new mindset, then several about healthy eating and finally a few about exercises. For example:


    1. My mind is highly focused on living healthy lifestyle.
    2. I am disciplined in my habits and I became a stronger person.
    3. I am dedicated to becoming a person who lives and works mindfully.
    4. I am highly persistent when going for my goal to live healthy.

    Healthy food.

    1. I have overcome my temptations for sweet foods.
    2. I have overcome a massive craving for chocolate.
    3. I changed my eating habits completely.
    4. I have overcome false urgent messages of hunger.


    1. I have implemented exercise into my daily routine forever.
    2. I am never bored with exercises.
    3. I’m walking every day for 30 minutes.
    4. I feel more energetic because of exercises.

    These are only the examples of what you can write as a reminder. You can – and you should – make your own list of things you have already done and that are important to you, make it as detailed and as specific as possible.

    If the chocolate wasn’t your problem, think about what was your problem, what you’re still struggling with, what makes you proud of yourself… You know what your challenge is and what motivates you; explore it and write it down, all of it.

    Now every time you open the fridge or look in the mirror you’ll remember what you have achieved. And it will encourage you more than anything else.

    Tomorrow we will give you even more reasons to feel good about yourself. This isn’t just pep talk, you have really come a long way, and you need to realize that deeply; feeling good about yourself is also a habit, one that you’re becoming good at – and it’s addictive. A few more days and you’ll never look back again.