Day 25 – You Feel Amazing

women exercising

After yesterday’s reminder of how amazing you are, today we will talk about how amazing you feel.

New healthy lifestyle basically involves two things – you are aware of the great achievements you made, and you’re feeling healthy and energetic.

But get this: you’re without a doubt feeling much better than before, but you have only scratched the surface of what’s possible with food, how your body can feel after exercising, how good you’re feeling overall – you probably still haven’t experienced the best that this kind of life has to offer. So you shouldn’t stop at where you are, add new things to your experience and work on improving it.

To make it as effortless as possible, you need some sort of internal motivational mechanism to help you to stay on the right track for the rest of your life, and to keep pushing you forward.

What’s been proven over and over again to work is visualization. It will not only show you what’s possible, and what you can achieve in some moment in the future – visualization also helps you get in touch with how you’re feeling right now, make you aware of your body; even if you’re visualizing some moment in the future, you have to base it on what you already know and feel – and that’s how you can bring your goal closer to you while experiencing it as if it’s here now.

Visualization Exercise

We were talking about visualization a few times now. Today we’ll guide you through a specific exercise that can help you to sustain the level of dedication you demonstrated in the past three weeks.
The future depends on what we do in the present. ~ Mahatma Gandhi
The goal of any visualization exercise is to bring your goals closer to you, so that you can actually feel them as real and possible for you to achieve. The exercise that we’re suggesting today has for a goal to make you imagine the best that this new life that you’ve chosen has to offer you, and to make you feel and enjoy it so vividly that you can’t wait to get there.

Remember all those times where we said how you should find a way to love a particular activity, or a particular food, because that activity and that food were opening the door to the empire of new activities and foods just a little bit more; and every little step that you made during this journey, every effort, big or small, that you made in order to conquer yourself was designed to bring you to the ultimate goal – fully and joyfully embracing the new ways of your life.

The exercise we’re about to show you will wrap it all up. It’s goal isn’t to help you to accept a specific thing or step – this visualization is to help you feel all the benefits of this lifestyle, in its wholeness.

You need to understand the goal before we start, because that’s the only way you can adapt this exercise (that we’re giving as an example) to what motivates you personally, to the personal goals that you have set for yourself and the things you’re feeling good about.

OK, so read the exercise (a few times if you need) and when you’re ready, try it for yourself.


This is the first stage where you need to clear your mind and to relax your body. You can do it laying down, sitting or standing up, just make sure that you’re comfortable. Take a few deep breaths, slowly count to ten and try to focus on nothing else but your breathing.

Imagine the picture.

The image should be something that represents that you have achieved your goal, something that has an intimate meaning of achievement for you. It could be an image of running in the park with your children, getting compliments for your look, running a marathon or climbing the Mount Everest.

Really, it can be anything that you know would make you feel satisfied, confident and generally good about yourself; if it’s having 70 pounds less, then just imagine that in some context that would also highlight the other benefits of losing 70 pounds (men looking at you, you getting into the jeans that you haven’t worn since college, confidence that you would feel, etc).

Introduce the senses.

Now that you have the image in mind, start breaking the visualization down to senses, one by one.
Start with the sight: picture the image or the situation in every little detail, from the environment to what you’re wearing, who’s there with you, add some objects that would make it look more real. Take your time, make a postcard from the future for yourself, or your own little movie.

Then introduce the sounds: listen to your own voice if you’re saying something or laughing, listen to what others are saying, the background noise… Just look around you and listen. This is your visualization, you control all of it – you can say whatever you want, and you can have other say whatever you want, so give it your best!

Touch is next: if you’re holding something in your hand, what it feels like? Is it soft, cold, hot, alive (your cat maybe?), how does it feel under your fingers? Is there a wind that you can feel on your skin, or are you taking a shower and feeling the water all over your body?

The last ones are taste and smell, introduce them one by one (even if your original visualization didn’t include that you eat or drink something, introduce it anyway, because it will make the feeling stronger and more complete – it can be only a glass of water that you can taste in your mouth, or your favorite cereal snack).

When you’re done with this stage – it should take 5-10 minutes, until you get the feeling like you’re really in that picture or movie that you created, like it’s really happening around you – when you have it all in place, then the real magic happens.

How are you feeling?

woman with both arms in the air exalted

Now stop looking around you and take a look inside.

Start with how your body feels like. Feel every muscle in your body: start from your feet and move up, feel how alive your limbs are now. You are strong and you’ll be stronger; you are fit, and you’ll keep being fitter; you have the energy to do more things than before – and you’ll have more and more energy as the time passes and as you continue to live the way you’re living now. You can now do more things than before, and soon you’ll be able to do anything you want.

Now think about how you feel about yourself. This new life, which isn’t so new anymore, it’s so easy, you’re enjoying it so much – you can’t even remember the time when you thought that you couldn’t possibly live like this, and yet you’re here; eating healthy is your second nature now, you’re looking forward to the exercises, you’re looking better than ever and you have no trouble controlling your weight. You’ve never been more confident, you’re so satisfied with how you look that it shows on your face.

Now… deeply realize that life is great, and that everything is going just the way you want.
Keep this feeling for a few minutes, as the movie unfolds in front of your eyes.

Wrap it up.

You can now start letting go, the picture is slowly fading away. You can freely let go of the feeling as well, it will stay there anyway, it just won’t be that intense – but that’s OK, you’ll soon be in the position of having that feeling always.

The exercise, you should repeat it daily, in a scheduled time (the best times are in the morning, when you wake up, or just before the bed in the evening). Most people don’t succeed to have a successful first visualization, so don’t get discouraged if you can’t imagine the picture very vividly, or of you have a blank screen in the first few tries – you can continue to the feeling anyway, and besides, everything takes practice, you’ll get there eventually.

And… just to spice things a bit: would you care to visualize your life as it was a month ago?

Nah, we didn’t think so.

Tomorrow we will guide you by the hand as you realize that you’re close to holding the Holy Grail of weight loss in your hands…