Day 26 – Thinking About It Less

an older woman pleased with herself relaxing

How amazing are you feeling today? 🙂

Look again at the title of today’s article. How much does it apply to you?

By now, you should be able to notice that you aren’t thinking so much about all of this: you aren’t so focused on the food, you don’t have to push yourself to go to the gym the way you used to… Now, when you think of it, it all seems more natural.

You’re thinking about it less. Do you understand what it means?

The Holy Grail of Weight Loss Is at Your Reach!

The naturally slim people – you know them, people we all (used to) hate because they always look so good and thin, who don’t even know their weight, who don’t count calories… Well, these people, according to many researches, simply don’t think about food or exercise the way that people who struggle with weight do.

Their relationship with food and physical activity is relaxed. They modify their orders in the restaurants not to save calories, but to get what they really want to eat; they go jogging not to burn the fat (not like they have any) but because they enjoy the morning freshness and the way it makes them feel.

They don’t think about these things – they just do them because they like it that way.

People who struggle with weight, on the other hand, are obsessed with food, and exercise is always present in their mind as something they hate but must do; they aren’t just struggling with weight, they’re struggling with their obsessive thoughts as well.

And you, dear reader, aren’t in that category anymore. Everything in this game of ours is now more normal to you, you aren’t thinking about it so much, you don’t need the strength of willpower to stay committed. Regularly going to the gym, eating healthily without paying much attention to it – it’s slowly becoming a part of who you are.

You’re probably still not in the category of those naturally thin – but you’re on your way there.
And that’s the Holy Grail of weight loss: to be able to lose weight and to maintain it without making a conscious effort, without obsessing over what, when and how much you will eat, without constantly making up excuses for not going to the gym…

It’s about Pleasing, Not about Pressuring Yourself

a man and woman cooking a healthy meal together

This journey of yours began with modifications in the way you eat, then we focused on making you move more, giving you some tips and practical advice on how to stay motivated along the way. If you remember, we first talked about the willpower and the ways to strengthen it, which led to the formation of habits.

The ultimate goal of habits creation is to get you so accustomed to the way you live now that you eventually don’t see any of it as a drag. You may notice that you’re well on your way to it (not completely there, but the change is noticeable, if you come to think about the time before you started with this course).

And once these good and positive habits infiltrate your life, when you completely stop thinking about them, a moment will come where you will be doing all of these things (choosing healthy over unhealthy meals, choosing exercise over TV) for the pure pleasure of it.

In not so distant future, you will discover that you enjoy the taste of fruits, their freshness and the way they make your body lighter and more energized. It will be like that with everything else: every healthy food, every physical activity. When you notice that moment, when you recognize the feeling – you will know that you are now living healthily because you enjoy it, not because you think you should.

And that alone will be the guarantee of the permanent solution to your weight problems.

Let’s See What It Will Look Like

We’ll now have another visualization exercise to bring this feeling closer to you; visualizations are great for motivation, because when you see something with your mind’s eye, you will much more easily achieve it in reality – simply because you’ve already been there.

Remember the exercise we did yesterday? The steps are the same (you can apply these steps to all your visualization exercises), only the image and the goal are different: now you will imagine yourself in a month time, focusing on the ease of leading a healthy lifestyle. Imagine how the changes that lead you to fully integrating healthy habits into your life have already happened, the process is finished and you’re now enjoying the fruits of your previous efforts.

Visualize yourself preparing healthy meals and going to the gym as something that you do with a smile on your face, completely relaxed, enjoying what you’re doing; imagine how all of it fits perfectly in your life, which is now full of joy and peace. You’re not struggling anymore, everything that you do is just going the way it’s supposed to – and you love it!

Seize that feeling, make it last longer and allow it to overwhelm you – you can surrender yourself to it, it’s coming!

OK, that was it for today (you still have a visualization exercise to do before you go to bed); tomorrow will be about making your plans for the future.