Day 27 – Plan Ahead

a diet plan checklist

Now that you know that you’re close to reaching the point where all the things that make healthy lifestyle will soon be a pleasure to you, you should be feeling pretty confident about coming out as a winner in this weight loss game.

Up to this point we were guiding you by the hand, day by day. Now it’s time to start thinking about the future – the future where you will be the one who makes all the moves and decisions.

Make a Plan!

In a few days this course is over; we’re not there yet, but it’s close, and we don’t want to leave you wondering what to do now.

The habits you have successfully installed so far, and those that you’re still working on, are a huge part of it and they will help you tremendously, but in order for you to feel completely confident that you can make it on your own, we have a task for

Make a plan for the next seven days, starting from tomorrow.

This plan you will use to know exactly what and when you will eat, and when you will be doing your exercise – it will be your guide for staying on the right track.

How to Do It

For this, you will need to recollect every food that you ate and every exercise you did in the past 26 days. Well, not every single one of them, but the more of them you can remember, the easier it will be.

If you kept a diary, you can consult it; if you haven’t, take a piece of paper and some 20 minutes and write down everything that you tried, what you liked, what you didn’t like. Then think about all the foods and exercises or sports that you haven’t tried still, but you’d like to.

Create two columns and two rows: one column will be for foods, the other for physical activities. In the first row put the things you have tried (you can include how much you like them if you want), and in the second the things you’d like to try.

Why the things you haven’t tried yet? Because you are still a baby in this game, there are still tons of new flavors to try and activities to do, and you need to expand what you already know. It’s about growing your experience, not about standing in place ;).

Think hard, and include at least 10 new items for foods, and 2 new items for exercise.
Now that you have it all on paper, you should create another list – what you will be eating and doing day by day.

Depending on the eating habits that you have developed so far, you may have 3 or 5 meals and snacks during the day; make a plan for each meal, write down what you will, and include one new food for every day.

For example, if you plan to have something that you have tried and liked for breakfast and lunch, then include a new food for dinner or afternoon snack.

Do the same with the exercise column; again, you will plan according to your newly established routine, but pick one of the activities that you haven’t tried until now and include it to your week – if you can manage it, twice would be cool.

If you have extra time, it would be good to do it apart from your regular exercising schedule, but if you can’t, do it at least once instead of your regular routine.

The goals of this planner are:

  • You should get more confident in your own decision making and choices regarding nutrition and exercise.
  • You will know exactly what to eat and do, leaving no room for returning to your old habits.
  • You will keep the new habits while expanding your experience.

It’s a good idea to make a similar list for each week that comes, for a while at least. You can use the first list described above and add to it every time you try something new, as a reminder (as you proceed with expanding your portfolios, you can easily forget about some stuff that you have already tried and liked).

As for the exercise, you can add a new one every two or three weeks. It’s important to try as many different types of physical activity as you can, so that you can better decide what suits you most, but you can expand it over the course of a few months.

The next thing that we’ll talk about is also about support, but another kind. 🙂