Day 28 – Build a Circle of Support

many hands joined together

Today should be the first day you’re completely living by your own plan – how is it going?
Yesterday was about the support you created for yourself; today will be about support that you can get from others in your environment.

We talked already about the importance of socializing and letting people around you know what you’re up to, so that you can benefit from their support and positive energy. Now you have another task: to find others who are taking the same road as you.


Well, you made a huge change in your life, and the rest of the people around you are still the same, many of them probably with bad eating and exercising habits. Sooner or later you may feel the temptation to give in to your old way of life, just to simplify things with the people you love.

Don’t let that happen! You now know what are the benefits of living a healthy life, you are well on your way to fully adopting them. Don’t throw away all your efforts simply because it’s more convenient – you’re better than that.

And we know just what you can do about it:

If You Don’t Want to Join Them, Beat Them!

Of course, we don’t mean literally. But if you see that your family members or your close friends, people you’re spending most time with, could benefit from your new knowledge, then it simply isn’t fair not to share it with them 😉

Even if they don’t have weight issues, a healthy way of life is something that anyone will benefit from. And they can already see on your example that it’s working, that it’s possible and that it can make a person happy.

Without being boring (people don’t like that), tell them about the benefits, let them know that a healthy lifestyle isn’t an all-or-nothing proposition – just like we did with you, remember the Day Three? People often get scared when someone proposes them to change the way they eat, to include more exercise, thinking that it requires a radical change they’re not willing to make, so it’s important to relax them.

You can go back to the previous days of this course – remember when we showed you how you can expand your food portfolio and build a taste for the new foods, or when we gave you some exercise tips that practically anyone can apply? It will be useful for them as well.

In fact, you can share the entire course with them (it’s free anyway) and you can be their support, because by then you’ll be a master of healthy lifestyle :).

Turning the people closest to you into your healthy-lifestyle-buddies is probably the best way to build your support team, because these are the people you’re spending the most time with, and you influence each other on a daily bases.

But if it turns out that it’s mission impossible, you can always find other buddies, online or offline.

Connecting with Others Who Are Just Like You

man extending his hand for a handshake

If you haven’t tried yet, your gym is a perfect place to find people who share your goals and your experience. See if there’s a message board, there should be a notice on it about when and where the support group for weight loss meets, if not you can ask a receptionist.

Or, you can simply start chatting with the guy/girl next to you, and see if they are someone with whom you could see yourself spending time.

Other group gatherings are good sources for finding buddies too: you can start a chatter related to your weight or health goals and efforts with someone in your office, your church group or volunteer organization – wherever there are people, there’s a chance to meet a like-minded person!

If none of this works for you (too shy? :)), there are many online support groups to choose from: you can look for them on Facebook (you may even discover a local group that you haven’t thought about), or search Google and browse thee communities until you find a group that looks OK to you.

Finding new buddies can be a really good thing: as you’re expanding your new habits, you will also be expanding the circle of people you socialize with; and you never know who you could meet this way!

And this ends the fourth week. We’re very close to the end of the course, and you did great – tomorrow is the time to treat yourself!