Day 29 – Treat Yourself

time for you written on a cup of orange guice

If you have already managed to find a buddy to share your experience with, today can be a fantastic bonding day for the two of you!

It’s been 28 days since you made a commitment to yourself and since you started to change your life for the better. That is four full weeks! You’ve been a great student of this course, and today is the day to treat yourself.

Its’ Treat Time!

a woman happily carrying shopping bags in both hands

Every hard work deserves to be rewarded; if for any reason you were feeling deprived of treats during these past four weeks, your moment has come.

But treats, you know that, don’t have to be about the food; a treat is whatever you decide is a treat. Clogging your arteries and risking diabetes with sugary and fatty foods surely isn’t a treat, right? We have come up with a more suitable way for you to treat yourself: go shopping!
But not just any kind of shopping: today you will be shopping for clothes.

What better way to celebrate your 4 weeks anniversary and the fact that you lost some weight in a healthy way than to shop for clothes that will show that?

Here are some suggestions:

Buy a pair of jeans.

Not just any jeans – buy a pair that is one size smaller. Never mind if it doesn’t fit yet – it will soon, and you may as well celebrate in anticipation of that moment!

Get a nice fitting T-shirt.

Try it in the shop, try a few of them, and be proud of the difference that you made to your look!

Buy whatever you want, but were afraid to wear; buy a smaller size and wear it as a trophy. Make sure it’s something special, something that you will love to look at even when it becomes too big, something that you will not want to throw out of your closet when you can’t wear it anymore.

You know why?

Because every time you look at it, you will remember that you were able to take charge of your life when it counted.

When you buy that special piece of clothes, wear it immediately. Feel proud wearing it, it’s a symbol of everything you’ve worked for, and what you’re committed to do in the days to come. It says: “I have accomplished my goal, I am now living the way I choose and not letting my bad habits and ways of thinking dictate what I will do and how I will look. I know that I am in charge of my life and I love it!

The piece of clothes that you will buy today will be charged with your positive energy, giving you the amazing feeling of accomplishment and confidence – so wear it proudly, let everyone see how great you’re feeling. Laugh while you’re wearing it, sing if you feel like singing, even if it’s raining outside!

Show off, you’re allowed to!

And if your weight loss buddy is willing to join you, you can go shopping together! If you haven’t found one yet – no big deal, go shopping anyway, alone or with someone else. Choose something nice. 🙂

See you tomorrow… The last day!