Day 30 – In 6 Months Time

day 30 marked on a calendar

So what did you buy yesterday? Are you looking at it right now? 🙂

It’s our final day together. It’s been quite an amazing journey, these thirty days, and the best is yet to come. You’ve been through so much, you have learned so many new things regarding nutrition and exercise, but also regarding motivation, willpower, habit creation and maintaining.

But more importantly, you have learned that you have what it takes to achieve your goal – to lose all the extra pounds, to become a fit person willing to make the necessary changes, to take good care of your body and your mind.

You have what it takes. That makes you a winner already!

The past 30 days are just the start, you know it – the start of a new chapter in your life, one that you will never want to end. But let’s not talk about the rest of your life right now. One month has passed. Let’s see where you will be six months from now.

Think About It: 6 Months from Now…

Your healthy habits are now pretty well established, and all of this begins to look much more normal to you than the first day when you started this course. Imagine how strong they will be in 6 months, when you live by them day after day.

How many pounds have you lost so far? If the number is smaller than what you hoped for when you started (it’s quite possible that it is), you’re still in a better position than you were a month ago, so it’s a reason to be positive about it. But what number is that, exactly?

In six months you can expect to lose between 3-5 times more, if you continue at this pace. Do the math – is that something that would make you happy? It should be; the pounds that you are yet to lose will almost certainly never come back again, because you’re losing weight steadily and as the consequence of the change you made to your lifestyle.

By that time, you will not only lose weight; you will also lose any feeling of being deprived, any sense that you’re making an effort. Think about how much more normal this new way of living is now. In six months, you will barely even remember that you have ever lived differently – eating abnormal quantities of unhealthy food, not doing any exercise… All of the changes you made in the past 30 days will become such an integral part of your life that you won’t be able to imagine it any other way.

This will probably come much sooner, but 180 days from today you will be a completely changed person. A happier, healthier, better looking person who is pleased with their life.

Let’s Imagine It Together!

woman with sex appeal confidently walking

Visualization exercises, we’re doing much more of them lately, so you should be more skilled in it now 🙂

Look at your calendar and mark the date in exactly 6 months. What season will it be? Can you expect that it will be snowing or raining, or that it will be sunny?

Imagine that you’re looking through your window to see what the weather is like, and then going to the mirror in your apartment – the big one, in which you can see your entire figure. Look at it. Imagine that you have lost 3 times more weight than you have now. How does your body looks? Your waist, your thighs, your arms, they’re thinner.

And not only thinner – all the exercising has made them firmer, you can see the muscles you have built. Do you like what you see?

Now imagine that you’re out, walking down the street. You bump into some people you haven’t seen in a while, they compliment your look; you’re smiling, you’re used to this already and you say “thank you” with a smile on your face, it’s nothing new to you, you know you look great. You feel great, and they can tell.

Keep walking, you’re going to your office or to pick your child from a friend. The whole way you’re smiling, allowing yourself to be aware of every muscle in your body, of the feelings of confidence and peace in your mind. You know that you’ve changed, and you know that this change is here to stay – you can afford to reflect on the way you feel, it’s still a long walk.
Keep this feeling of happiness and calm for a few minutes.

And when that date in 6 months comes, be sure to remember to be aware of how amazing you are!
Best of luck to you! And… stay in touch. 🙂