Day 6 – Healthy Food for Life

mother and daughter happy to eat apples

Yesterday we were talking about how you can learn to love healthy food, and we have promised that today will be about accepting this attitude for life. Now it’s time to deliver – keep on reading, you’re on the right path!

Successful people are simply those with successful habits. ~ Brian Tracy

It’s been almost a week since you’ve started eating healthy (or at least, healthier)! This is a big success by itself, but you know that you can’t stop there. It’s time to “expand the territory“ of healthy living and to learn how you can repeat the process of past five days while you are learning new stuff at the same time.

If you’re still here, you have already taken a huge step – you have started replacing your old, bad habits with more constructive ones and changing your mindset. Keep that somewhere in your mind as a reminder that you’re moving toward something better.

The key moment is determination – if you can be persistent enough and move a little bit closer toward your goal every day, you’ll be able to expand every aspect of your healthy life and lose some weight along the way.

The habit of trying new foods every day, you’re still adopting it – experimenting with different foods and tastes is only the beginning, and the goal is to build your healthy food portfolio so that you can eat healthily for life.

Building on Your Healthy Foods Portfolio

If you add new healthy foods to your menu every day you’ll never be bored with this experiment – even if the new foods to try run out, there are still countless ways to prepare them  . To make the process easier in the beginning, we have a few tips for you:

1. It’s OK to start slow!

We already said this at the beginning of the course: you don’t have to change your eating habits all at once. We’re working here on changing your relationship with food, and it can’t happen over night; you had a lasting relationship with the old way of eating, and it can be seriously stressful to just cut it.

So don’t run the other way the moment you see (or think about) eating something unhealthy, but try to always keep in mind that you should work on reducing it and control the size of the portions.

2. Try cooking your own food.

Even if you have no clue what to do in the kitchen, preparing your own meals can easily become one of your favorite activities in the future. There are tons of recipe books and websites to teach you (yes, even if you have never cooked an egg before!) and guess what? It’s not likely that you’ll find many healthy recipes for the foods you have already tried, and even when you do, there will be at least one more ingredient that you haven’t tried before.

Furthermore, preparing meals yourself can have another big role in your life: it will make you spend more “quality time” with your food, get you to know it better and help in forming a strong and lasting relationship with it. (Another sneaky way of making you love this new stuff, we know, we’re horrible!)

3. Make it a real game – experiment!

man giving a woman a taste of his cooking

Oatmeal is a boring food? OK, it surely can be if you just cook it in water. But what if you added something crazy in it – some coconut milk and cinnamon for example?

There’s no fun in eating tasteless food, so get wild, experiment! NOT on your own however  – you’re probably still not that much of a chef – but go visit some vegetarian and vegan websites or get some of their cookbooks, even if you’re not one of them. These people are eating only the “boring” food, and you can bet that they have discovered some mighty tasty combinations that you can use as well.

Right mindset

In order to improve your chances for success, you need to take the mindset that you are not just on a diet, you are not just eating healthily for this week or this month – you need to take the attitude that this is who you are now, that you eat healthily, and you will do it for life.
Only, you need to stop feeling that you have sentenced yourself to life of tasteless, boring, blended meals, and find satisfaction in looking forward to your future.

You need to deeply understand that healthy food sends right signals to your body. The more you eat healthy food, the more your body will be satisfied; and the happier your body, the more energetic and optimistic you are. Think of food as a communicator that connects you with your body, as a way to make yourself feel good from the inside out.

Slow down for starters. You need to slow down with your life and experience it deeper than before. Take your time, set your own pace; there is no need to rush. By doing this you’ll not need fast food anymore. Healthy living should not be automatic like watching TV, hurrying to your workplace etc.  – as we already said, we should be engaged in performing mindful acts, not mindless ones.

Expand your knowledge about health and healthy living. Read a book or two about the benefits that healthy food can bring to your mind and your body. You got (and you will get) a tone of valuable information here but don’t be afraid to explore further.

Remember – healthy eating doesn’t mean that you’ll never eat a cake again (even slim healthy people occasionally eat sugary and fatty foods), it just means that your daily diet will be mostly healthy balanced diet. So there really is no reason to fear what the rest of your life will look like – you’re not entering a prison, you have opened yourself up to a healthier, better you. That’s how you should look at it – because that’s the way it is.

And tomorrow… the seventh day! Tomorrow, we celebrate!