Day 7 – Your 1 Week Milestone – Congratulate Yourself!

way pointing forwards

Well done! Today you celebrate what you have accomplished so far – and believe us, there’s a reason for celebration!

Do you feel different? You should. You have lived an entire week of your new healthy life – reminder:

Day One – you made a decision and already made the first step, cleaning the fridge (remember that?).
Day Two – you got some light tips with the purpose of introducing you to the mindset changes that you were about to make. Go take a look at it again, just to see how it’s all a lot more natural to you now than it was only a few days ago.
Day Three – this was the first in the series of articles answering the question “what will I eat from now on”
Day Four – we showed you how you can train your palatal and your taste buds to accept the food you hated. How many new things have you tried so far? (really, we’d like to know – please write it in the comments)
Day Five – aha! until this day you didn’t believe us that it’s possible to grow to actually love all this new stuff…
Day Six – after yesterday, we really hope that you are starting to feel really good about this choice you made!

It’s already seventh day! Could you tell?

You are not alone, but you are not one of the many either – so many others have tried to do what you’re doing now, only to quit after a few days. You’re now a part of a selected few who made it. We think it’s a cause for celebration, don’t you?

So what’s next?

Well, for now… enjoy the moment and celebrate your success. Even God rested the seventh day 🙂

What Does This First Week of Health Mean?

You have achieved one of the main goals of this course – you “survived” the week one! And what exactly does it mean – except just reaching the first milestone?

First of all, it means that you have built a strong cornerstone of your future life, full of happiness and health, a joyful life.

This is a huge moment for you. YOU HAVE MADE IT – not only to get through the first week, but to change – or at least to start changing – your mindset. Wondering why you have succeeded this time, and why you will stay on the right track?

Exactly because you have done it differently this time – you have done it not from the place of “must do”, but from a place of conscious thinking about your relation to food and weight loss!
You have done it from a mindset perspective – and by now you should be able to deeply realize that a healthy life isn’t something you must do, but something you can enjoy every day from now on. That’s why you will succeed, and why you already are a success!

Celebrate – Yes, But Not With a Piece of Cake

This moment is important and you should remember it.

Take a look at your diary.

If you still haven’t started one, it’s not too late: write down everything you found noticeable in the past week. If you liked some of your new food – write it down; if you hated some, write it down as well with the note about how it was prepared. If you like the whole experience of week one  – then write about the feelings you went through in the first week. Write about your “mini-failures“ if you had any – they are an integral part of your success.

If you have already started a diary at the beginning of the course, then mark the most important things of your first seven days and briefly analyze them. Especially mark the things you consider your biggest achievements. Today you’re allowed to be proud of yourself!

Think of what you have changed.

You are now eating less and healthier, you have lost some pounds, you are moving around and exercising more. Think about this, and then imagine yourself even more full of energy and positive emotions – as that’s what you’ll be like very soon.

Celebrate in company.

Start a new blog or share your success on a forum you visit regularly. Tell other people what you have done, invite friends over for a healthy – but tasty – dinner.

Do something different today.

Reward yourself with – well, almost anything but the food: go to the cinema or to a concert with friends, buy yourself a book or some new clothes. It’s important to reward yourself with something you usually don’t buy or do. Do something different because you are different.

Back to the Future

cartoon man jumping of joy

Is there any difference between how you imagine your future now and what it looked like one week ago? There should be.

You are implementing new habits and craving to build even more positive ones. Last week should be a reminder for you that it is possible. You are the winner and you are entering the next week as a different kind of player in the weight loss game.

Losing weight is not easy, it’s not a simple mathematical problem where you count calories and choose what you can and what you can’t eat. It’s more of a mental than physical kind of game. Because of that it’s important to set the right mindset as you did in this first seven days.
Simple steps you have already gone through are designed to build the habits you have now. If you want (and you surely do) that these habits last for life, you should work on them permanently. Rome wasn’t built in a day, after all.

The future is bright and healthy life is very reachable. You enjoyed your first successful week and you have committed to keep on moving toward your goal.

Week two is just around the corner, and it will be another exciting part of your journey, you will learn new things and strengthen the newly acquired habits.

But, until then reward yourself and go enjoy your time. Are you still here? Go!