Day 8 – Exercise Every Day

people exercising

You have just entered your second week of this course and your journey, after acquiring some new eating habits and implementing them to your lifestyle. Yesterday we celebrated, and now we will start introducing some new habits that will add to the quality of your life even more.

It’s time to start paying more attention to physical exercises.

What You Will Be Doing This Week.

Each week of this course is devoted to improving and strengthening one specific segment of your new lifestyle – but they all are meant to work together, so you shouldn’t forget what you have learnt last week! You will be expanding your healthy food portfolio every day of this week too – only, you’ll notice that you’ll enjoy it more than ever.

This week however you will start exercising as well – that is, if you still haven’t. Those of you who hate any kind of physical activity, this part of the course is especially for you, to help you change that attitude; but it has some really cool tips for those who aren’t exercise-haters as well.

This week is designed to help you accept physical activity as a normal part of your life, by giving you information and advice on exercising smarter and more efficiently.

In week two we will concentrate more on:

Simple exercises.

Starting from today you should start doing some extra exercises every single day if you were physically active before, or, well, just start doing exercises, it’s about time :). Start simple – a 30 minute walk will burn 200 calories for you, try to perform it daily, or at least every second day. After a while (week or two, not longer), when you feel fit enough, go play football or basketball with friends one or two times a week. Of course, choose the sport you like, preferably the sport you like to watch on TV. This will fill you with positive energy and it will be fun (not to mention that actually playing the game is much healthier than watching it).

Proper mindset.

As you have probably noticed, we’ve been mentioning the mindset a lot in the first week and we will do it repeatedly in the second week. It is very important to exercise with positive mindset because that way the exercise will become a game, an interesting thing, not something you push yourself to do. When you reach this stage exercises will become the part of your life you will enjoy the most.

Calories and metabolism.

We will show you some interesting math on calories and the ways to control your weight loss progress; you’ll learn how metabolism functions and why it is important. There’s a connection between exercising and weight loss  – you already know that, and now we will explain exactly how that connection works and some of the most effective things you can do in order to digest and burn the food you have eaten.

Benefits of exercise.

There are a lot of positives but it’s important to learn what they are exactly. This excessive knowledge will keep you motivated.

How to enjoy exercises more.

Exercises (and any activity) are worthless if you don’t enjoy them – that is, unless you take pleasure in them, you’ll soon give up, and that’s what we’re trying to prevent here. This week you will learn how to enjoy every exercise you do. Also, we will show you how to find the sport or activity you’ll likely enjoy (if you still haven’t found your own).

Intensify everything.

The time will come to learn how to do your exercises with more intensity, but don’t be worried upfront – as you’re getting used to the new stuff in your life, you’ll see that raising the bar isn’t a problem for you, you’ll feel capable to do it because you are already living healthier than ever before, and this trend will only go upwards.

Add extra power to exercises mindset. Yes, you’ll see how to get more from your attitude – you have already conquered yourself in the week one and you’ll be ready for the next challenge.

Why Exercise Is Important.

a smiling woman running on a beach

In this course we try not only to help you lose weight, but to do it by adopting an active lifestyle. Luckily, these two things are connected: when you choose the new healthy lifestyle you actually choose to change the unhealthy habits – and one of these unhealthy habits that add weight is inactivity.

So, you now eat healthier than before which means that you have more energy after your meals.
Ask yourself this: What I used to do after meals before? If your answer is: watching TV, sleeping or similar – well, it’s understandable and you definitely weren’t the only person on the planet who used to do that, but…

You’re in a different situation now – after you eat healthy food you feel more comfortable with the idea to do something other than just sitting. At the beginning of the week two a simple walk is a perfect choice you could make after meal.

Do not walk automatically, just for the sake of it. Do it mindfully, feel your muscles, try to concentrate on your legs, on your entire body. You’ll notice that you are more mobile and lighter than before because the new kind of food doesn’t burden your stomach.

Don’t sit after lunch, do a favor to your body and walk your way to better health and fitness.
OK, this day was light – we only asked you to think about the benefits of physical exercises, and to take a light walk. Tomorrow we’ll be talking about the attitude you should take towards exercising, and suggest some things you can do to really, deeply accept this new lifestyle.