Day 9 – Exercising is Just a Normal Part of Your Daily Life

beautiful woman streching before exercise

Welcome back! As long as we see you here day after day, it means that you’re on the right track. 🙂

Yesterday you have learned why physical activity is important for your new lifestyle, now it’s time to include the exercises to your usual daily activities.

The Purpose of the Right Mindset

The hidden agenda we have here is for you to wake up one day in the near future and to realize that your day would be incomplete if it included no physical activity – there, now you know :). But seriously, that is what this all is about: to make physical activity something that you actually enjoy doing, something that eventually you won’t be able to go without.

If you take two people who do the same daily exercises with only difference in mindset and compare where they are a few months later, it will be easy to understand why we are pushing this mindset talk all the time. The first guy does the exercises mechanically, because he has a plan and he feels he must do it for health or to lose the extra pounds; the second guy does the exercises simply because he likes it.

No matter how disciplined the first guy is, in the long run the second guy will win: he will lose more weight, he will be stronger and healthier, and he will still be there in a few months, which isn’t probable for the other one.

Later this week we will be talking about how you can work on increasing your affinity for exercising. But for now it’s enough if you could just see them as something you normally do, like taking breakfast or going to work. We bolded the previous part because…

Why So Many People Fail When It Comes to Exercises

You know them – your friend, neighbor, colleague – people who start with exercises every six months and quit only after a few weeks.

When someone does something for the wrong reasons and with the wrong attitude, it’s most often doomed to fail. These people start exercising because they feel like they must do it; their doctor told them to, they’re not happy with their figure, they see everyone else doing it…

So they start doing something they have to do. The first few days, it’s OK, they manage, but soon it becomes difficult to prepare for the physical activity (Where are my gym shoes, darn it?), it becomes more and more difficult to find time for exercising (argh, I need to drive there, and to drive back again, and I just took a shower, I’ll have to do it again…).

They start hating just the thought of going to the gym. And so they stop. They may feel a bit ashamed in front of themselves and the others who heard their “I’m going to the gym, it’s great!” talk one too many times… but they’ll quit anyway. It’s easier that way.

Well, they didn’t have what you have right now: a course in weight loss mindset. With proper mindset things can be different.

How You Should Approach Including Exercises into Your Daily Routine

woman in green shirt streching

For now, all you have to do is to focus on the benefits of doing any kind of physical activity. The habit will come, the affinity will come, just stay focused on the benefits.
Exercises don’t have to be hard, you can start lightly. Walk short distances at first. Walking slowly for 30 minutes is not psychically demanding but can still be a refreshing change to your body, particularly if you rarely did it in the past.

Keep in mind that exercises actually save you time.

Contrary to popular thinking exercises never drain your time. Exercises increase your energy, which means that you can do things faster and get more done in less time.

… and allow you to hear your body.

How do you feel after a short walk, or after a light workout in the gym? Take a few moments after your physical activity to feel your body, to hear how it feels and if it is ready for more. And we mentioned it before, the food you’re taking in now is giving you more energy – so listen to your body when it says “I’m ready for more.”

Clearing the mind.

Any type of exercising allows you to burn some fats and at the same time to get rid of stress and anxiety in sensory overloaded everyday life. With exercises you are naturally keeping your body stress-free – and actually happy: physical activity is a natural stimulator of many “mood hormones”, including serotonin and dopamine, so regularly exercising is the most natural way you can find to feel good all the time :).

Deeper sleep.

Yes, exercises can boost melatonin (sleep hormone) in your body up to 50%, helping you have a deeper, more restful sleep. Your body is then able to detox itself much better, and to repair the tissues from the day before. Anti-aging, anyone?

Be Positive about Exercising!

You should remind yourself every day what your goal is. If you want to succeed you should substitute old habits with the positive ones. To do that efficiently you need to stay motivated – but, as Zig Ziglar said:

People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.

In other words, you are what you repeatedly do, and you should work on strengthening your motivation and repeating positive affirmations every day.

Here are some that you could use:

1. I’m living healthier.
2. I will lose weight.
3. I love doing exercise every day.
4. I’m enjoying my new healthy lifestyle.
5. I deserve to be fit, full of energy and happy.

Try it now. Pick one that you like the best, and say it as if you believe it. Say it out loud, with a confident voice. Then say it a couple more times. Do you feel differently? Yep, we thought so 😉

These were only examples, you can be creative with your own affirmations. And don’t forget to repeat them every day.

Tomorrow, the 10th day of your course, we are attacking the nitty gritty details on the topic of calories – get ready for some really, really good tips. And oh, for some math 🙂