25 Weight Loss Recipes Ready in Under 30 Minutes!

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Our friends at MyGreatRecipes have written this monster blog post consisting of 25 weight loss meals to eat during breakfast, lunch and dinner; they’ve also written about which snacks are good for weight loss when you get the munchies, and

The Relationship Between Stress and Weigth Loss and Weight Gain

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If you are stressed and anxious, two things can happen. You either eat much more than usual to cope with the stress and you gain lots of weight, or you experience sudden weight loss because of the way you cope

3 Steps to Breaking Free from Emotional Eating

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Everyone turns to food for comfort occasionally; an ice cream cone as a pick-me-up after a stressful day at work, a piece of chocolate when hormonal… You don’t always eat when we’re hungry, and it’s OK. These small doses of

Stop Counting Calories if You Want to Lose Weight for Good

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For how long have you been dieting? Are you obsessively counting calories in every meal you take, knowing almost by heart how many of them there are in every single snack? Stop. Now. Here’s why: 1. Numbers Are Probably Wrong

Why You Don’t Need to Look Like a Supermodel

You think you’d feel better about yourself if you looked like a Hollywood star or a supermodel? OK, but you know, not even the supermodels look like supermodels. Teenager Julia Bluhm knows that: in 2012 she stood up for a

Cultivate Good Habits: Healthy Body Image

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Women, men, adults, teens… we’re all affected by it: the way we perceive our body. A body image is how we see or perceive ourselves, how we feel about our body and how we feel others perceive us. Having a