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Welcome to the Game of Weight Loss daily motivation club - this is like no other.. we actually pay you to receive daily motivational quotes and tips!

Join over Game of Weight Loss players(with online right now)! So far, motivational quotes have been collected, for () earned in bitcoins.

We are a unqiue concept - we believe in the power of daily,consistent mind programming through positive reinforcement,we believe that YOU can re-program your brain to lose weight,stay slim and get fit and healthy..
we are also big fans of bitcoin and digital currency - and it makes our site possible, for each quote you read, we give you a small amount of bitcoin - so you get a positivity and motivation boost and a small amount of actual money (bitcoin) - the combined effect can be powerful to keep you coming back, stay motivated and stay on
your weight loss path. I know this sounds strange, we are definitely the only people in the world doing this, but just join us below - it's 100% free, and just give it a go :)


Currently other Game of Weight Loss players are collecting motivational quotes every 5 minutes (claim every 5 minutes) for 361 satoshi per quote,which is an 4,332 satoshi per hour.

Weight Loss Can Be a Game – We Make it Easy to Play and Help You to Win!

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