How to Earn Rewards on Game Of Weight Loss

Here is how to earn your points while you get motivated and educated on how to lose weight!

Game of Weight Loss now partnered with Digital Artists Online, and the process to earn your points is a little bit different than what you were used to.

Step 1: Locate the DAO (Digital Artists Online) Widget on the bottom of ANY page

The Digital Artists widget looks like this, and you can find it on the bottom of any page on this site. That means that you can read over our 30 Day Weight Loss course and earn rewards at the same time!

digital artists online widget

Step 2: Login via Facebook and Earn Your Points!

All you have to do to start caliming is to let the page load fully. Then login via Facebook, and click on the ‘Claim My Reward’ button. It’s that easy!

earn my reward button on DAO

Step 3: Check your stats

To check your current stats, just click on the menu button on the top right of the widget box:

Step 4: Set Up Your DAO Account details and Discover other Sites Which Give out Rewards and Points!

Clicking on ‘Dashboard’ button on the above image will lead you to where you can change your account settings and see your stats in more details, as well as see many more sites with DAO widget. These allow you to earn points! Just check where the arrow is pointing in the image below:


You know what? DAO widget is right below this message (as well as on ANY page on this site). Why not Start Earning Your Free Points Right Now!?